Social Justice – Racism

NASW-CA Resources related to racism and social justice

NASW-National – NASW Chapters respond to murder of George Floyd

“Social workers can examine important anti-racist actions they can take in their own community by gathering some research on racial disparities in the areas of COVID 19 disparities, police arrests and violence, child welfare caseloads, poverty rates, housing issues and disparities, homelessness and many other social work related areas.

Ideally, social workers can work on several of these areas but even one would be important and significant.  Once it’s decided what area to work on, then an action plan can be developed to determine who the stakeholders and policy makers are and how to get them engaged in a discussion to change things.  This can happen spontaneously as is the case with racist police practices and violence.  Have there been instances of discriminatory practices (or violence)?  What happened afterwards?  Any change?  If not, why not?

Who are the policy makers that can make change?  How do we get on their agenda but more importantly how do we influence them to take action?” -Janlee Wong

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