Certified Hypnotherapist

This page offers answers to questions you may have on hypnosis/hypnotherapy

Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) hosts my page, offering more details of my training. www.hmigrads.com

Are you a therapist?

A: No. While my title is “Certified Hypnotherapist” I don’t identify as a “therapist”.

A: As it relates to Hypnotherapy, I don’t have a state license to “Diagnose, treat or cure”. I may have other roles, which involve state licensing, but as of 20210904, I’m not officially combining the multiple scopes/intentions together. I’m keeping things separate, and I’m very clear on boundaries.

A: I see myself more as a coach, helping people overcome internal resistance, which is getting in the way of their personal productivity and desires.

Where did you receive your training, and which body is certifying you?
A: I graduated with honors with an advanced diploma of hypnotherapy from Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), based in Tarzana, CA.
A: I am certified through the Hypnotherapists Union, Local 472 (AFL/CIO)

What is your Area of specialty and Value Proposition?
Q: What is your area of specialty?

A: I don’t have a specific specialty, but clients have come to me because: of chronic discomfort, fears of dental visits, performance management fears like public speaking and studying/passing exams. Note: I probably had clients coming to me for anticipatory anxiety about discomfort because my first office location was co-located with a chiropractor.

Q: What is your Value Proposition? What can you offer that I cannot do by myself?
A: My Value Proposition is the ability to communicate (with your permission) your specific positive messages, while you’re in a hypnotic suggestible state, directly to your subconscious mind. This intervention is not possible to accomplish by yourself.

Handwriting Analysis:
Q: Will the information I submit be maintained as confidential?
A: Absolutely, including any conversations we have.

Q: Will I be judged by what/how I write aka “My handwriting is bad?”
A: No. It’s more about the shapes and patterns, vs the meaning within the text.

Q: What are you looking for within the sample?
A: To see if you are more Literal or Inferential in the way you receive information. I can then send a relaxation audio that’s designed for how you best learn.

Q: How does handwriting analysis work?
A: While you are cognitively aware to pay attention to what you’re writing, your hand movements are an ideomotor expression of your subconscious. I’m analyzing traits within that expression.

Relaxation Audio:
Q: Is this a hypnosis audio?
A: No. The objective is relaxation. The aim of hypnosis, within my practice, is permission-based subconscious behavioral modification/enhancement – vocational/avocational self improvement.

Q: Is there any embedded message?
A: No. I’m not that sophisticated, and wouldn’t know where to begin anyway.

Q: Will I remember or forget anything?
A: The content is not designed to be remembered. In a relaxed state of lucid awareness, you will keep track of what I’m saying and then your mind may wander. All of this is fine and expected — it’s just the logic and reason of the conscious mind yielding towards a new possibility.
A: Some people remember everything and some don’t. There is no right/wrong answer.

Q: What will it feel like?
A: It’s different for everyone, and the general sensation is “pleasantly relaxed”.

Q: Will I do things I don’t want to do?
A: No. I can’t make you do anything anyway.

Q: Is listening to this material safe?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Could I fall asleep?
A: The intent of the audio is to be in a relaxed and lucid state of awareness. If you’re lying down, the chances increase of falling asleep. Suggestion is to raise the head above the heart. Falling asleep is OK – just schedule the possibility.

Q: Should I listen to the audio several times?
A: I would highly recommend listening as many times, as many days, as you wish.
A: Because your mind (conscious and subconscious) is in a super-relaxed state, each listening will be slightly different and possibly more impactful.

Q: Why should I consider listening to your relaxation audio?
A: Because it’s a good place to begin the conversation towards a personalized topic that could be of help for you.

Q: Are you a stage hypnotist or do you engage in hypnosis for entertainment?
A: No. My training and interests are within avocational/vocational self improvement, including issues requiring medical referrals. I have no interest in entertaining. Period.

Q: Could I give the audio you send me to someone else?
A: It wouldn’t hurt, but it may not be as effective for them. The best you could do is to refer people to my web-site, have them listen to the 5 minute audio, and suggest they send a handwriting sample.