COVID-19 – Novel Coronavirus

20200321 From a Hypnotherapist’s perspective, the COVID-19 novel Coronavirus appears in physical form (disease awareness, transmission, prevention, recovery intervention), and mental form (concerns, fears, worries). This page is a central repository of trusted 3rd party information, focusing on the physical form – as I’m not state licensed to diagnose, cure or treat.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Coronavirus site by The White House

Google (Internet Search)

Google has created a centralized web-page ( that serves as a central repository for information and web-links.

Kinsa Health (Big Data mapping of influenza – expected and outliers)

The map shows two key data points: (1) the illness levels we’re currently observing, and (2) the degree to which those levels are higher than the typical levels we expect to see at this point in the flu season.

Face Covers – making your own

TOPOS – COVID-19 Data Compiler


USC (University of Southern California) COVID-19 info

COVID-19 Information

Support for Social Workers

NASW Support Site


Tableau, in order to access and analyze trusted COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global data, is offering their data compilation services to present vizzes (visual presentations) from a variety of perspectives.

California State

Realtime update of Roadmap –

San Luis Obispo County, California

Positive cases update

This central site is a good primary site for all things emergencies within San Luis Obispo County. Right now, they have a pop-up for COVID-19 specific sites:

California stay at home order, except for essential needs –

Shelter at home for SLO County, including a list of essential and non-essential businesses –

Information about COVID-19 information within SLO County –

City of Morro Bay, California

Local information on COVID-19

Dan Roam Stories on COVID-19