Progressive Relaxation Audio

This page includes a short video reviewing the requested steps toward receiving my complimentary Progressive Relaxation Audio (MP3 file).  I’ve also included some FAQs on what hypnosis is and is not.

Key steps to receive your  complimentary Progressive Relaxation Audio?

  • Blank sheet of printer paper (no lines, holes, existing marks on either side)
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Flat writing surface (eg table)
  • Write in script (long-hand) vs all caps (upper-case)
  • Begin with, “Dear Paul”
  • Write for a couple minutes – something on your mind
  • End with your signature
  • Scan with a paper scanner or camera phone (ensure showing all four sides)
  • Email to paul at paulgarth dot name

Are there any obligations?:
A: None at all.  After receiving the audio file, I will followup to inquire how it went for you, and to answer any questions you may have.  There is no requirement/expectation to continue further.

Handwriting Analysis:
Q: Will the information I submit be maintained as confidential?
A: Absolutely, including any conversations we have.

Q: Will I be judged by what I write aka “My handwriting is bad?”
A: No. It’s more about the shapes and patterns, vs the meaning within the text.

Q: What are you looking for within the sample?
A: To see if you are more Literal or Inferential in the way you receive information. I can then send a relaxation audio that’s designed for how you best learn.

Q: How does handwriting analysis work?
A: While you are cognitively aware to pay attention to what you’re writing, your hand movements are an ideomotor expression of your subconscious. I’m analyzing traits within that expression.

Relaxation Audio:
Q: Is this a hypnosis audio?
A: No. The specific objective is relaxation of the body, mind, emotions. The aim of hypnosis, within my practice, is permission-based subconscious behavioral modification/enhancement — vocational/avocational self improvement.

Q: Is there any embedded message?
A: No. I’m not that sophisticated, and wouldn’t know where to begin anyway.

Q: Will I remember or forget anything?
A: The content is not designed to be remembered. In a relaxed state of lucid awareness, you will keep track of what I’m saying and then your mind may wander. All of this is fine and expected — it’s just the logic and reason of the conscious mind yielding towards a new possibility.
A: Some people remember everything and some don’t. There is no right/wrong answer.

Q: What will it feel like?
A: It’s different for everyone, and the general sensation is “pleasantly relaxed”.

Q: Will I do things I don’t want to do?
A: No. I can’t make you do anything anyway.

Q: Is listening to this material safe?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Could I fall asleep?
A: The intent of the audio is to be in a relaxed and lucid state of awareness. If you’re lying down, the chances increase of falling asleep. Suggestion is to raise the head above the heart. Falling asleep is OK – just schedule the possibility.

Q: Should I listen to the audio several times?
A: I would highly recommend listening as many times, as many days, as you wish.
A: Because your mind (conscious and subconscious) is in a super-relaxed state, each listening will be slightly different and possibly more impactful.

Q: Why should I consider listening to your relaxation audio?
A: Because it’s a good place to begin the conversation towards a larger topic that could be of help for you.

Q: Are you a stage hypnotist or do hypnosis for entertainment?
A: No. My training and interests are within avocational/vocational self improvement, including areas requiring medical referrals.  I also have post-graduate training as a Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator.

Q: Could I give the audio you send me to someone else?
A: It wouldn’t hurt, but it may not be as effective for them. The best you could do is to refer people to my web-site and have them listen to the 5 minute video.