Body temperature readings

Taking one’s body temperature is one key indicator of potential infection of COVID-19.

The strategy is to take the temperature reading, several times a day, regardless of physical symptoms. My plan is to take the reading two times a day. 1. After waking up in the morning, and 2. Just before brushing teeth, etc at night. It is not advised to take oral thermometer readings soon after drinking cold/hot fluids.

I have several thermometers (all electric) of various levels of quality/expense. They are all probably fine, but one company has caught my attention – Kinsa. Their reading completes in about 8 seconds, which is appealing (vs. having to wait up to a minute or so). I’ll cover more about the company, and their research, in another post.

The thermometer is easy to use and synchs with my iPhone. There are a couple questions to answer (eg How are you feeling) after each reading.

Thoughts so far after a couple days of using the Kinsa Thermometer

-The reading is very fast – about 8 seconds. This means I’ll likely want to take my temperature a couple times a day.

-If you place the probe under tongue and either to the left or the right (with one location being consistent) then you expect accurate readings. The ergonomics of the device are well engineered.

-The syncing with the app was very easy. There is a good engagement with the app, that then records the numbers and the “how are you feeling” response.

-The app also gives an idea of what’s happening (COVID, Flu) within your local county. This is useful for a point of reference.

-There is a “feel good” because I know that my own reporting is going into a larger database for real-time oversight and reference.

-Summary: This purchase was well worth it.

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